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Description: Possom 'The Kitten' Fairy (a blue colourpoint persian) has been teaching her younger sister Catalina 'Brown Parsnip' Cocopuff (a brown tortoiseshell persian) how to generate and teleport through portals... ...these portals can take them any where and at any point in time. This is the real reason how cats always appear out of nowhere. Unfortunately Catalina hasn't yet mastered the art and has ended up in the middle of... somewhere?! she thinks it's a game and is on the run from Possom... Possom now needs to find and catch her!
Instructions: Using your mouse, use the control panel at the bottom of the screen to select actions. Directions are controlled by selecting the relevant direction icon, then placing the direction in the path of the player. When the player touches this direction, the player will move in that direction. You need the blue cat to reach the brown cat to win!
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